Two Shores
Coleman Projects, London, 2019




Two Shores

Rebecca Geldard, London 2019

‘Two Shores’ is an exhibition of new text and sculptural works by Lizi Sanchez and Martin Cordiano exploring the process of being between states and places. Taking different material approaches to the journey, collectively, these works communicate a sense of territory shared, offering many connected routes around and liminal zones between a variety of points and borders

'Two Shores’ references many aspects of physical or metaphorical passage and the systems that allow for the movement of people, goods and ideas – from canals to building blueprints and palindromes. Notions of what it means to belong are made palpable through particular motifs or means of manufacture: the floppy silhouettes of ‘invasive’ plants, for example, or the rickety branch-like extensions of dowling-rod fragments.



''No soy de aquí ni soy de allá'' Facundo Cabral

Chino Soria, Londres,2019

En Two Shores (Dos orillas) la nueva exhibición de Lizi Sanchez y Martin Cordiano, en Coleman Projects, Londres, ambos artistas abordan la idea de explorar lo geografico en términos expandidos. Viajes y migraciones son alfabetos, son mapas, son instrumentos de navegación, de desplazamiento. Son flora y fauna en constante movimiento u ola migratoria alrededor del globo. Son las palabras y los signos que nos (des)representan, nos categorizan, nos dan sentido o sin sentido, nos adjudican pertenencia.