Prop Up,31 May - 13 June 2013


Justin Brown, Tom Walker, Thomas Crane, Lizi Sanchez, Andy Jackson, Lyle Perkins, Justin Eagle, Christine Barrow, Sarah Gillham, Mindy Lee

'What happens when an artwork created by one artist cuts across that of another or uses another as part of its supporting structure? In PROPUP there is no place for individual art works to exist, instead they are thrown into a mix of lying upon, supporting, dividing and pervading each other. The works exist in a state of reliance but at the same time jostle for attention, where one artwork starts and another begins is dispelled and the individual practice of the artists is thrown out of the window.'

Venue: Johnson's Place 107 Tanners Hill, London, SE8 4QD
Contact: +44 02086914870/+44 07515729996
Follow: @JohnsonPlaceSE8